Warning: AAG Homes Ltd double-glazing installation failed FENSA inspection

Fact: In late 2008 we hired Alen Galijatovic of AAG Homes (part of the AAG Group based in Surbiton and covering London and Surrey) to fit four PVCu double glazing units. They are a FENSA registered company (No. 28795).

Fact: A subsequent chance* FENSA inspection (6276816) revealed that none of the fitted windows had any low-E reflective coating and therefore they all failed basic building regulations.

Fact: AAG Homes Ltd could offer no explanation as to why the glazing units were not up to the required standard. They did not - nor do they plan to - check the glass they fit for a low-E coating.

Fact: AAG Homes Ltd replaced sub-standard window panes in April - four months after the original installation.

Fact: When approached over the possibility of compensation Alen suggested we meet to discuss after the panes had been replaced. He then reneged on that arrangement; considering it sufficient compensation that they replaced "free of charge" the glazing units with the new ones to the required building regulations standard - despite the fact that FENSA makes this a requirement.

We were extremely lucky to have a FENSA inspection as without it we would never have know our windows were sub-standard as there is no way for a home-owner to check for an low-E reflective coating.

* FENSA only inspects 1% of a company's installations.

For further information contact: tadzio@homecall.co.uk